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Natalie Wheeler

Clinical Intern Supervised By Melanie Gregg, PhD
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Natalie is a therapist intern who is a graduate masters of science student at Our Lady of the Lake University with a concentration in marriage and family therapy.

She is committed to helping people who feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts, experiences, and emotions. In therapy, she will listen to your story to walk alongside you to overcome and process the issues that brought you to therapy and collaborate with you to uncover patterns in your life that are holding you back. She is also passionate about working with families, couples, and children to improve their communication skills, resolve conflict, and navigate life transitions in a way that is tailored to each family system.

Her education is in strengths-based approaches, helping clients uncover and utilize their unique resources, skills, and internal strengths. However, she also believes in adapting her approach to the unique needs of each client and will happily invite feedback to find an approach that is most helpful for you.

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Therapy is a great tool on the journey of self-discovery, empowering you to embrace your true and authentic self.  By focusing on your unique strengths as an individual, we will build the confidence and resilience needed to venture beyond your comfort zone.