Kids Skills Camp

A Four-Day Skills Camp

Welcome to Kids Skills Camp - Where Fun Meets Learning! Join us for a dynamic four-day adventure, Monday through Thursday, dedicated to honing specific skills essential for success. Through a blend of naturalistic learning, discrete skill-building exercises, engaging activities, and interactive games, children will develop essential life skills in a fun and playful environment. With small group settings offering individualized attention, each child will receive the support they need to thrive at their own pace. Whether it's mastering social interactions or sharpening executive functions, Kids Skills Camp is the perfect opportunity for growth and friendship. Sign up for one or both weeks in your age group and embark on a journey of self-discovery and skill-building!


Week 1 (ages 5-7): Social Skills Camp, June 10-13

Week 2 (ages 5-7):  Executive Functioning Camp, June 17-20

Week 3 (ages 8-12): Social Skills Camp, July 8-11

Week 4(ages 8-12): Executive Functioning Camp, July 15-18


When: 9:00am-Noon (Bring a small snack!)

Price: $600 per week –$300 due at registration, $300 is due on the first day of camp

Registration: Reach out to B Well Counseling Center by phone or email to register. Registration ends the Wednesday before your camp starts.

Camps led by: Margaret Novotny LMFT-Associate, CCC-SLP

Supervised By Larry Bell, LMFT-S,

Ashleigh Mullican, LPC-Associate, NCC

Supervised by Robyn Reyna LPC-S, RPT-S

Natalie Wheeler, Clinical Intern

Supervised By Melanie Gregg, PhD

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