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Megan Birdwell

Practice Manager
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Megan joined B Well with the goal of cultivating a positive client experience for those seeking help with their mental health and relationships. She finds energy in meeting new people, making connections, and developing strategic partnerships. Megan has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Texas State University. A history of world travels and experience in varied industries make her a go-to problem solver.

Megan enjoys yoga, road trips, and playing with her 4 year old daughter. Fun fact: Megan is Dr. Melanie Gregg's sister!

When you call B Well, Megan will be the one to greet you and eagerly assist in addressing your needs. Megan is well versed in the specializations of each of our amazing therapists and will be happy to help with matching you and scheduling your initial free 15 minute phone consultation. Megan is available throughout your therapy process by phone/email/text to coordinate your scheduling needs and answer any questions.

Looking for a good fit?

Therapy is a great tool on the journey of self-discovery, empowering you to embrace your true and authentic self.  By focusing on your unique strengths as an individual, we will build the confidence and resilience needed to venture beyond your comfort zone.