What to Expect When Starting Therapy: The 15 Minute Consultation Explained

March 21, 2024
Written by:
Jessica King, M. Ed., LPC-A

The idea of starting therapy often brings anxiety, trepidation, and questions: What will it be like? Can it help me? How do I pick a therapist that is right for me? The good news is you are in the right place to find answers. Whether this is your first time considering counseling or you are looking for a new perspective, this blog details what to expect when starting your therapy journey at BWell Counseling Center.

Setting Up Your Initial Consult

To initiate the process of beginning your counseling, reach out to BWell to schedule an initial consultation with a therapist! This is best started by emailing hello@BWellCounselingCenter.com or calling our compassionate office staff at 713-364-9317

On your initial phone call, expect to provide basic demographic information and the nature of why you are seeking counseling. Don’t worry, this is not an in depth overview, but rather a simple statement such as “feeling depressed and anxious,” “my child doesn’t seem to be coping well after our divorce,” or even “to improve my relationship.” This helps our office staff match you with a therapist best suited to meet your specific needs (see below). By the end of this phone call, you will be scheduled for your Free 15 Minute Consult with one of our amazing clinicians!

Factors Considered when Matching a Client to a Clinician

  • Reason client is seeking therapy
  • Qualities client is looking for in a clinician
  • Client/Therapist Availability: Day of Week/Time Slot
  • Client preference of In-Person or Virtual Session 
  • Preferred Frequency of Visits
  • Budget
  • Clinician Area of Expertise/Credentials

Feel free to peruse our clinicians and specialties on our B WellCounseling Website: Meet the Team.

The 15 Minute Phone Consultation

The therapeutic relationship between a client and clinician is one the best indicators for successful outcomes for the client. There must be trust, mutual understanding, and connection to help facilitate change. The goal of the consultation is to determine if the therapist might be a good fit for you. Likewise, the therapist is determining if they are the best choice of therapist for you based on their qualifications and scope of practice.  The FREE 15 minute consultation is an informal, low-risk conversation to get to one another before committing to a full session.


What to Expect: The Basics

  • Your consultation will be scheduled by the office staff at BWell. The therapist conducting your consultation will reach out via phone call the day of appointment. (They may also text you to confirm the appointment).
  • The phone call will last from 10-15 minutes. No therapeutic intervention will take place during the call. That process will start during your first full appointment.
  • A low stakes, informal conversation to get to know one another.

What to Expect: Topics of Conversation:

Potential Questions the Therapist May Ask

·       Tell me a little bit about yourself and why you are seeking counseling.

·       What are you looking to gain from counseling?

·       What qualities are you looking for in a therapist?

·       Have you ever done therapy before?

Information the Therapist may discuss.

·       Qualifications, training & specialties.

·       Therapeutic Style

·       Pricing & Availability

·       How they might help you with your concerns.

Potential Questions for You to Ask

·       Can you tell me a bit about your practice?

·       Do you think you can help with my specific concerns?

·       Do you have experience working with others with similar concerns?

·       What therapy approach do you use?

Things to Consider

·       Do you feel comfortable and emotionally safe during the conversation?

·       Does it seem like you could trust this person?

·       Do you feel respected and heard?

·       Would you feel comfortable sharing more information with this person?


What to Expect: At the End of the Consultation?

You made it to the end of your initial consultation! Now what? If things went well and both parties are in agreement, the therapist will schedule your first appointment (the intake) right then and there! However, there are various reasons the fit may not be right. Below are some suggestions

What if I don’t feel the therapist is the right fit?

  • Feel free to openly express your concerns at the end of the appointment.
  • Ask for some time to think about things.
  • Thank the therapist for their time.
  • Reach out to the BWell Counseling Office to request a different consultation.

What if the therapist doesn’t think they are the right fit for me?

  • Main Reasons: specific needs can’t be fully met by the clinician, budgetary concerns, or scheduling conflicts.
  • Please note: Most needs/concerns can be addressed by the majority therapists within the BWell Practice. However, all therapists are ethically obligated to only treat clients within the scope of their practice and areas of expertise. 
  • If this occurs, the BWell office will schedule a consultation with a different BWell Counseling clinician or provide resources and/or a referral to help you find a practitioner who may fit better.

Remember! This 15 minute consultation is meant to fit you with the BEST therapist for your needs, budget, schedule, and comfortability. Ask questions, give feedback, and be as honest! Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality treatment we can offer in a safe, compassionate, and trusting environment.

Written by Jessica King, M. Ed., LPC-A 

Supervised by Dr. Jana McLain, LPC-S


Check back soon for our follow up blog: What to Expect When Starting Therapy: The Intake Session Explained