What is Parent Coaching?

September 21, 2023
Written by:
Bridget Klee

Parent coaching is a way to empower you as a parent to show up for your child, no matter the age, in the healthiest way possible. 

We highly encourage both parents to participate- blended families are welcome as well. 

  • We offer parent coaching both in person and virtual as an option to include both parents/caretakers no matter their differing schedules
  • Support navigating the co-parenting process
  • 6-8 coaching sessions are recommended in general but we will to cater to your specific needs 
  • Sessions run from 30- 60 minutes depending on the situation 

This is available for parents of toddlers through young adults… and beyond, because it's never too late to deepen and build a more positive and connected relationship with your child.

Some examples of situations where coaching could benefit you and your family:

  • Finding confidence in yourself as a parent 

  • Anxiety about life transitions and how to empower them 

  • How to help your child build resilience, independence, connection

  • Helping your children navigate the social climate of their school/friends  

  • Siblings not getting along 

  • How to stay grounded through the ups and downs of your child’s challenges 

  • Behavior disruptions at home and at school 

  • Reconnecting with a young adult/adult child who has felt distant

  • How to model self-care and self-compassion - oxygen mask example 

  • Meeting a situation where it is- it is never too late 

“Mental health is not about feeling good; it's about having the right feelings at the right time and being able to manage these feelings.” - Lisa Damour 

Where to start:

Contact B Well Counseling Center and schedule a Free 15 minute Phone Consultation with one of our therapists to get started with parent coaching sessions to benefit your family!