Preparing for the transition to college

August 24, 2023
Written by:
Bridget Klee

Leaving for college is something most students have thought about and day dreamed about for years and now it is actually happening. There is so much excitement that is in play- the planning, packing, traveling, and goodbyes can take up every second leading up to move in day. It IS exciting! It is also important to pay attention to any anxieties or feelings of sadness that may arise. Remember, more than one emotion can exist at the same time. There can be excitement AND sadness about leaving a pet or sibling, happiness about going someplace new and a bit of fear of starting over. It is an emotional time- just try your best to let the feelings come up when they do. Each of them are valid. Feeling sad doesn’t mean you don't feel excited too! This is a massive life transition- be kind to yourself as you navigate this new experience.

Tips from college students:

  • Make time to call your parents, this is hard on them too.
  • Put facetime dates with your high school friends on the calendar before you move, things get crazy and it doesn't become a priority.
  • Don't be afraid to share with other freshmen how you’re feeling- 100% chance they have felt it too.

Thoughts for rising seniors:

  • Be present, don't wish the year away, it will be gone before you know it. Take things one at a time and try to enjoy the events. - 2023
  • Try your best to have some fun with college applications- it will work out better than you can imagine. - Houston Area graduate 2023
  • Trust that you will end up at the right school- try not to think about the name or who else is going, just trust it will work out for you. - Houston area graduate 2022
  • Spend time with your family. You will miss them more than you know. - 2020


  • Your student is under so much pressure: college counselors, deans, friends, themselves- the best advice I can offer is to be their safe space.
  • Don’t push a school you think they should apply to or attend. Listen to what they are interested in, observe what they are saying about different schools.  Be their cheerleader.
  • Just say ‘I can tell this is such a stressful process, how can I support you?’
  • The same thought applies to you- trust that the right school will choose them. You have instilled everything they need to be successful, let the process be fun!