Motherhood Matters

What ever happened to the saying, “What happened to “it takes a village?”” We know that humans were made to parent cooperatively.  So, why does being a mom feel so isolating? In today’s world, motherhood is one of the toughest jobs there is. We see the facade of perfectly matching outfits and spotless houses on social media, but why is no one talking about the really hard parts?

The perceived expectation that moms must singularly carry the majority of the mental, emotional, and physical load of parenthood, know all the right answers, and “enjoy every moment,” while  still taking care of our own wants & needs, mental health, and relationships puts undue burden & stress on the already difficult journey of being mom.


Motherhood Matters is an open, ongoing, virtual support group for any and all moms & mothers-to-be who are feeling overwhelmed, seeking support, or looking for fellowship. 

The group will be held ONLINE on the same day/time each week.* Each session is one hour  during which the facilitator will present a discussion topic for the day to encourage sharing, learning, and connection.

This group is designed to build self-confidence in your parenting skills and decision making as a parent. We will celebrate your victories as a mom, and support you in your struggles. Join us to connect, share, and learn with other moms who are navigating the same exhaustion, demands & doubts as you. Come and create your village.

Please call B Well Counseling Center today to reserve a spot. They will help you schedule a consultation with the group facilitator to meet & greet, ask questions, and get more info to see if this group is the right fit for you! 

Jessica King, M.Ed., LPC-A

Supervised by Dr. Jana McLain, LPC-S

Group Facilitator

* The date and times are pending feedback from members’ schedules.

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